Verifying Right to Work in the UK Without a Passport

Verifying the right to work in the UK without a passport can be a complex process. Employers must ensure that they are compliant with the law and that they are not discriminating against potential or current employees. To do this, employers must compare photographs and dates of birth face-to-face or through a live video link. In cases where the person is unable to submit documentation demonstrating their fitness to work in the UK, employers can request a positive verification notification from the Home Office confirming that the applicant has the right to work, which must be kept as proof. The Employer Verification Service of the Ministry of the Interior allows employers to verify the eligibility to work of workers with certain types of immigration status, which can be checked online, such as their status under the EU Settlement System.

The Employer Check Service (ECS) is a free online service from the Ministry of the Interior that allows employers to fulfill their obligation to monitor employees' right to work in circumstances where the person cannot use checks online or provide acceptable documentation for manual checks. If an entry record is requested in which the potential or current employee has an application certificate less than six months old or an application registration card, employers must see the original version of the document. If an online check and a shared code is used, employers must see the new employee face-to-face on the first day to confirm that the photo of the person in the online check is indeed them.

Remote Document Verification

When it was available, employers could carry out remote document checks using video calls, and applicants submitted their documentation electronically instead of in physical form. Online verifications can be done by video call and there is no need to view physical documents, as the information is accessed directly from the Ministry of the Interior.

Verifying Right to Work

There are three ways in which an employer can verify an employee's right to work: using an online billing service, performing authorized digital verification, or performing a manual document verification. We can help implement effective and compliant systems when it comes to testing a person's suitability to work in the UK.


Employers cannot discriminate against or treat people without passports or people who don't want to use digital checks less favorably.

In certain cases, employers may need to check a person's criminal record, for example if they are going to work in healthcare or with children.

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