How long does home office right to work check take?

It takes about a week for the Home Office to process ECS checks. The reason for the time it takes is that it is recognized that there may be a delay in updating the Ministry of the Interior's systems after a person has submitted their application. The employer must contact the Home Office and verify that a person had the right to work in the UK if they are unable to show their documents or their immigration status online. This is because, as is always the case, if at any time an employer learns that the employee does not really have the right to work (if, for example, an employee's request or review is refused), the legal excuse will no longer be valid. In the UK, employers must verify the right of candidates to work before hiring them, as this is a legal requirement.

You will now understand what a right to work verification is, how it is carried out, and the factors that can delay or accelerate the time needed to complete a right to work verification. The most recent guidelines make it clear that an employer may face a civil penalty if it does not record the date the verification was carried out in this way and, in addition, the simple fact of writing a date on the copy of the document does not, on its own, confirm that this is the actual date on which the verification was carried out. Employers often use right-to-work background checks to verify the legal status of potential employees. British or Irish citizens must provide certain documents for verification of the right to work, but they are usually easier to find and faster to approve. In the meantime, the employer must obtain a right to work check or a positive verification notice by the 28th day after the visa expires.

If, during the first 28 calendar days or during the six-month period of the PVN, the employee demonstrates that his case has been resolved and that he has been granted a residence permit, the employer must proceed to verify his right to work in the usual way to maintain his legal excuse. RTW controls are usually carried out in companies in the construction, manufacturing and agriculture sectors, as they tend to hire mostly people from abroad. Employers must ask all interviewees or staff members who hold a UK green card to provide an action code when performing RTW checks. The Home Office will send you a “positive verification notification” to confirm that the applicant has the right to work.

You can check your application registration card (ARC) at the Ministry of the Interior; if it says “work is allowed”, it means you can work. The checks consist of comparing the documents with the candidate's appearance and checking for signs of manipulation. or alteration. Where appropriate, employers must carry out follow-up checks to ensure that the status of their employees remains valid.

Use this service to request the Ministry of the Interior to check the immigration status of an employee or potential employee if they are unable to show their documents or their immigration status online. In this case, the employer will have to contact the Home Office's Employer Verification Service (ECS) to establish a legal excuse.

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